Resell web3 Powered Blockchain Names with WHMCS

Advantages of Blockchain Names

Highly automated, WHMCS Blockchain Names Reseller Addon allows you to grow your product line-up in the most lucrative part of the internet that is Web3 & Blockchain without increasing costs.

Grow your margins

Increase your average repeat revenue per customer by offering new Blockchain products to sell.

One powerful platform

Unified access to sell Blockchain Names, Web3 products and services

Great pricing

Tiered pricing rewards the more you sell, and you control your selling prices.

Marketing materials

Start selling quickly with ready-made landing pages and promotional widgets.

Total automation

Everything from purchase to provisioning and management is all fully automated.

Exclusive access

Get exclusive access to products and services now available through Blockchain Names platforms.

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Reseller API Access

Product resellers create and define their product offerings using our BNS api functions. They can easily create a special and custom user experience with the functions they want.

Get paid 10% on every successful sale.

WHMCS Module

Looking for easy? Using the WHMCS Addon Module, resellers easily sell and manage blockchain names from a fully automated payment, CRM and application system all in one.

Sell customized Services!

White Label Reseller

Your business built on top of our infrastructure!
We provide everything you need to get operational quickly. We maintain and provide end user support.

Your Business, Our Services!!


BlockchainNames gives you access to the following services.

Blockchain Names from NCOG Data service

Similar to domain names now you can sell Market Leading Web3 Powered Blockchain Names.

Blockchain names is a #1 brand in Web3 Names and Decentralized storage that is compatible across most chains, you can sell these names and connected services with full hands free automation..

The names can be purchased and configured for use with all web hosting control panels and services..

^Names Social from

A decentralized profile builder platform to call your own

Offer customers a do-it-yourself profile builder to showcase their identity/business etc with integrated social platform that leverages "^name"

Profile Builder is a generically branded, user-friendly Profile builder and e-commerce platform, catering exclusively to hosting and domain providers. Profile Builder is template and wizard based. It feels like Linkedin but with the power of Blockchain, Decentralized technology, elegance, and simplicity, a solution that customers will enjoy using (and continue to use).

IPFS Storage from filecoin

A Powerful permissionless decentralized storage for your Customers

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is an open system that manages data without a central server. It is a set of composable, peer-to-peer protocols for addressing, routing, and transferring content-addressed data in a decentralized file system. IPFS’s versatility shines across different industries, making it a multi-purpose tool for the decentralized age.

^Names Explorerfrom Blockchain Names Services

Public explorer allows you to explore and lookup the ^BlockchainNames for validation, addresses, tokens, NFTS and other profiles connected to name.

CodeGuard's self service portal allows users to access, download and restore their website on-demand. Plus with built-in WordPress Management, backing up, upgrading and restoring WordPress sites has never been easier.

^Names Marketplace

A free market structure allowing users to list any of their Blockchain Names for sale in a open eCommerce Space.

Blockchain Names Marketplace where buyers and sellers are able to resell their unique Blockchain Names. And at no additional cost to the seller.

Selling Blockchain Names is fast and easy. Set your price, select your category and start selling your unique Blockchain Names. Easily transfer the Blockchain Name to the buyer after payment

Blockchain Wallet

A Secured Blockchain wallets for NFTS and Tokens

Now you can offer your clients rock solid Blockchain wallet that can hold thousands your ^names NFT, tokens and track your blockchain transactions easily

Email archiving is also available providing a solution for secure backup of email. Ideal for legal compliance, secure storage of intellectual property emails and for recovering lost or accidentally deleted emails.

The Metaverse

Connect to Metaverse and gain access to exclusive.

Gain access to private metaverse locations when you are holding an NFT from the establishment. Connect your Metaverse assets ^

Make money selling Blockchain Names, Blockchain products.

Blockchain Names Service is a next gen Web3 services platform from Blockchain Names that enables you to buy and resell premium Web3 names (similar to domain Names) to your customers using WHMCS through one single centralised platform.

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Learn more and discover pricing information by navigating to Setup > Blockchain name within your WHMCS installation.

How it Works

BlockchainNames gives you access to the following services.



Integrate Blockchain Names for free from WHMCS Marketplace.



Purchase ^names credits & begin selling ^names with our one-click instant setup.



You're in control, set pricing and promotional features.


Start Selling

Start promoting your new the next web blockchain services.

Highly Integrated and Automated

Explore the features and benefits of MarketConnect from WHMCS.

Start selling in minutes

With instant free registration and one-click automated setup, it's easy to get started with Blockchain Names.

Simply create an account and you can begin selling any of the Blockchain services in just a couple of short clicks.

Comes with everything you need

Along with automated product setup, there's also ready made landing pages to help you promote the services. We've done the hard work so you don't have to.


WHMCS MarketConnect is a highly automated platform

Everything from initial setup of the products and services, to provisioning, renewals and management is all automated.


And best of all, it can all be done without ever leaving your WHMCS installation.

Automated initial setup and configuration
Automated purchase, setup and delivery of services to the end user
Fully automated SSL provisioning and installation to cPanel (Plesk and DirectAdmin coming soon)
Automated Website Publishing with Weebly Website Builder
Direct access to manage services such as Weebly and SpamExperts via Single Sign-On

Our pre-made landing pages give you everything you need to start selling and promoting Blockchain Names services quickly and easily.

Optimised for conversions

Developed in partnership with the internet pioneers themselves and optimised for mobile, the landing pages are designed to educate and inform users about the services with clear and concise information.

Yours to make your own

The landing pages are fully templated, so you're free to make changes, customise and expand them further to fit your needs.

Upells and promotions

Built-in upsells provides users with recommended products based upon their initial selection(s) for all Blockhain products products and susbscriptions.

Promotions integrated into the client and shopping cart checkout experience are also available to help maximise conversions.


Hands free management

Your customers have self-service access to manage and login to their Blockchain services from your WHMCS client area, so it's no extra work for you.

Renewals that make sense

Services purchased through MarketConnect renew automatically, but only if your customer renews with you. You never have to worry about cancelling services manually.

No upfront deposits

You can register, activate and begin offering Blockchain Names services with Names credits for reseller-exclusive discounted prices.

Just add credits when you are ready for first order.

Multiple payment methods

You can deposit funds using PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

No special requirements

Blockchain names has no additional requirements and is available in WHMCS 7.2 and later.

More services coming soon

More services will be coming to the Blockchain Names ecosystem soon. Subscribe for updates.


At the heart of Blockchain Names is full end-to-end automation with integrated blockchain products


Integrating ^names just got easier.

When ^Blockchain Name is purchased by the user via any seller/reseller platform, our full automated Onchain provisioning and deployment process kicks in:

  • Automated Wallet Creation
  • Automated minting of ^Names and transfers to wallet to mark ownership
  • Automated update of ledger on the blockchain.
  • Automated integration of ^names-Cpanel is visible in the customer dashboard.

The whole process takes less than ten seconds from start to finish, with no manual intervention required.

A Web3 social profile is provisioned instantly in the ^Names-cpanel. The user can enable their profile by creating an access code.

  • Seamless account setup
  • Welcome email with setup guidance
  • Access to Profile from the client area or via ^name and access code on the social page.
  • Automatic upgrades for enhanced features
  • Effortless profile building and socializing with other ^names user

SpamExperts Email Solutions are provisioned instantly upon checkout.

In addition to automated provisioning, our SpamExperts integration also supports the following.

  • Fully automated account provisioning
  • Automated MX Record updates with cPanel
  • Introductory welcome email with instructions for getting started
  • Access to SpamExperts Spam Control Panel via SSO from the client area
  • Automated cancellation and MX Record reset to defaults
  • List your names for sale instantly with the ^names control panel.
  • Automated ^names ownership transfer once sold.
  • Instant confirmation via mail for each transaction.

Automated daily backps to the cloud via FTP:

  • Automated FTP Account Provisioning for cPanel & DirectAdmin
  • Fully automated setup & provisioning with cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin
  • Introductory welcome email with instructions for getting started
  • Access to CodeGuard Control Panel via SSO from the client area

Scan for, detect and fix issues early before your customers are impacted by them.

  • Automated FTP Account Provisioning for cPanel & DirectAdmin
  • Fully automated setup & provisioning with cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin
  • Introductory welcome email with instructions for getting started
  • Access to SiteLock Security Dashboard via SSO from the client area

A fully white-labelled Site Builder experience for your customers featuring:

  • Automated FTP Account Provisioning for cPanel & DirectAdmin
  • Fully automated setup & site publishing with cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin
  • Introductory welcome email with instructions for getting started
  • Access to Site Builder via SSO from the client area
  • NEC is the most Eco-friendly blockchain with the lowest transaction fee, infinite scalability, and unrivaled transaction finality all rolled into 1!
  • With your ^names purchase your ^names instantly get minted on the NEC chain.
  • Fully automated NEC wallet creation for ^names storage.

  • Fully automated account All of your ^names data is automatically stored IPFS.
  • Automated data syncing across ^names ecosystem i.e, wallets. metaverse.
  • Easily Migrate your data among ^names ecosystem players.

How much revenue can you generate as a Partner?

How do reseller partners earn passive revenue?

The average customer will purchase 5 Web3 ^Name on average. The speculators may buy and resell 100's of Web3 ^Name on the marketplace.

Reseller / Partner Cost $45.00 ea
Minting Fees $0.00 ea
End User Retail $94.95 ea
Gross Margin 52.5%
Gross Profit $49.95 ea

18 +


180 k +


3000 +

NFTs Minted

15 k +

Easy User Adoption

Customers will quickly obtain and begin using Blockchain Names.

Word Of Mouth!

Your customers will be motivated by features to spread the word for you!

Sell 1,000 Names

Generate $94,950 in revenue with $50,000 in gross profits!

Resellers and Integration

We offer Integration paths for adding Web3 ^Name into any online platform.
Select from our full set of API commands or utilize our WHMCS control panel module for easy and fast integration. Web3 ^Name have become the go to solution for management of WEB3 digital asset.

Web3 ^Name

  • Special Reseller Pricing
  • Product Management
  • Read & Write API Access
  • Marketplace API Access
  • Client Dashboard API Access

Automated Revenue

Web3 ^Name are fully automated. This is a new passive revenue stream for your business. Customers purchase and maintain multiple Web3 ^Name.

Do you need to know more about our service? Contact us!