What are Web3names

Our names convert Non-Human readable names to human readable ones using a simple IPFS and Blockchain based nomenclature that we built from scratch

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Web3names Are Simple Af!

Web3Names start with your chosen name. This is then followed by the functions and attributes that define the type of information connected to it. Finally, you can add any nickname you like to identify it later

Here is an Example!

Functions & Attributes

Functions define categories of data connected to your name such as Wallet Keys or Metaverse Assets!

Attributes define the type of data underneath the categories. Example: Eth if its an ethereum wallet key or BTC if its a bitcoin wallet!


Allows you to connect unlimited blockchain public keys


Allows you to connect metaverse assets


Allows you to have a social platform data



Connects and retrieves web3 social media posts


Connect to and retrieves web3 news articles


connects to and retrieves web3 blogs

What Do You Get With A Web3name

  • name NFT minted on NCOG Earth Chain
  • NCOG Earth Chain Wallet
  • Web3 Decentralized Email Service on NEC
  • Web3 Based Social Media Platform

Web3names Marketplace

Buy, List and Sell your favorite Web3names on the Web3name marketplace.
List Your Name
Name Your Price

Buy, List and Sell your favorite Web3names on the Web3name marketplace. List Your Name Name Your Price

Web3names Opportunities

Looking for opportunities in the growing Web3 Market? Become a Web3Names Resller, Marketeer or Even Speculator with our multipurpose addons on to your control panel!


Web3names Reseller


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Addon Assignments


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Addon Speculator


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Addon Marketer


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Web3names Ecosystem




NCOG Earth Chain NFT Minting


NCOG LTD Development


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